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Diane Bailey

Dear Dr. McCullough,

I last wrote you on April 23, 2012. Thank you for you post and time, it was very much appreciated. We did take Brandy off Hoxsey after just 2 days due to her sensitive stomach. We found a wonderful hosistic DVM one hour away. She has put Brandy on: Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang mixed with Huang Qi (3/4 tsp, 2 x day), Si Jun Zi Tang (1/4 tsp 2 x day), Curcuvet (150 mg 1 capsul 2 x day), DHA (3 per day), Tri-Forte (Reishi Mycelium, Shiitake mycelium and Cordyceps mycelium; 2 capsuls 2 x day). Also, we mix this all with 1 large “Stella & Chewy’s” raw chicken patty, 1 boiled chicken thigh and 1 “Synovi G3” soft chew ( 2 x day). She eats all the food and has appeared to be very happy and healthy, until yesterday. This past week we’ve noticed slight swelling in the cancerous ankle. Today she did not want to go for her normal walks. After conferring with our holistic DVM she suggested talking to our “regular vet” to see if there is anything we haven’t tried. Both our vets recommended seeking additional advice. We are very fortunate to be working with such open-minded doctors.

Are there any herbs or supplements that you can suggest for her type of cancer? Is Artemisinin or Neoplasene appropriate for this type of cancer? We are even contemplating another surgery because she is otherwise still very healthy at 12 yrs. old. Is there anyone on this forum or blog that has had any experience with this type of cancer? We are open to all suggestions.

Thanks again,