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I don’t know if there is one right answer to knowing when it is time. There has been a few discussions on the forums about this for different animals. Many times you just know – there is often something that shifts. Usually I look for things like if they are eating, if they still want attention, how many good days there are compared to bad ones, if they are withdrawing from the family. With tumors in the mouth usually I find it is eating that is what ends up being the issue in the end.

We went through squamous cell with one of our cats – I knew it was time when he wanted to eat but couldn’t. He would try to and just could not work his mouth to swallow the food anymore. It was horrible to watch. He was already wanting to find places under the bushes to hide in and not seeking attention as much. It was pretty clear.

Don’t underestimate the value of pain meds, they can make living much easier.

I have also worked a lot with a shaman/animal communicator/healer Rose DeDan when it comes to end of life issues. She has been there to help me with my animals when I think we are getting close and I have found her work very helpful. She does do phone sessions. There may also be someone in your area who does similar work. I always recommend getting a recommendation from someone you know before working with a communicator. There are very good ones and ones who are unfortunately not good.

Remember too that they are attached to us and sometimes are not ready to leave us even if they are having difficulties. It is helpful to let him know that you understand that he may need to go and that it is ok for him to leave if he needs to.

If he is still enjoying life and eating, even if sometimes he is not happy, most likely he is not ready to go yet. But you know him better than anyone else so also follow your heart. There is not a wrong decision about this once they are hospice. Hopefully he will make it clear to you when he is ready.