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Dear Lena,

It’s only been about a week since I wrote to you but so much has happened, at least in my head, spinning in circles as to what is best for Missy. To even consider amputating her leg, the regular vet suggested taking a chest xray and tummy ultrasound, that was at the time of my second email to you. The morning after the ultrasound Missy was limping severely. She was almost dragging her hind leg, this time the good one. I called the vet and he thought it was Missy’s authorities acting up. I informed him that I never had a knowledge of authorities in Missy and she never limped before. He thought she might have been hurt a bit on the table when they were holding her down to xray her. They gave her a cold laser treatment asap and sent her home. She is also supposed to take Duralactin, which to be honest I have not been giving her as it is a milk product. I am not sure if it would help her. I have been giving her Arnica instead, 4 little tablets a day. Finally the 29th rolled around, our earliest appointment with the oncologist/acupuncturist. She too thought that amputation was a good choice but she was more concerned about the limping in the other leg. She thought, after xraying the leg, Missy had a partially torn ligament in her knee and needed at least two week’s rest before further evaluation. So we are confining her to the small bathroom, keeping her on Arnica, Arteminisin and Sanshedan Chuanbeyei. She takes those. She refuses to take what the oncologist started her on: an herbal joint support formula and a formula she called Wei Qi booster. We try to do the best for Missy and it is frustrating that we have this other problem to deal with as well that might actually keep us from doing what we can for her cancer. Time is ticking and even though I understand it is a more local cancer, all I can think of is that it is spreading by the minute. My concern at this point is that if we go ahead with surgery, even after waiting for a couple of weeks, the injured knee would be under more stress while she is learning to walk again, the ligament might fully tear and what would we do then?

Your quick reply to my original letter was the best advice I received so far and any other advice you might have for me I would greatly appreciate. Your voice is sincere and I trust that you recommend what you would do for your own kitty. Thanks for caring.