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    You have a wonderful and informative website and if I lived in the Seattle area, I would be bringing my Missy to see you. We live down in AZ though. Missy was diagnosed with vaccine related fibrosarcoma just two days ago. We are devastated. Missy is 13, but very young 13. The doctor took out the lump in her thigh just above the knee before sending the results for biopsy. After the results were in, he is suggesting to take the whole leg off. We are going to an oncology Clinique soon to discuss that, but in the meantime I am looking into herbal and alternative remedies. I will put Missy on Artemisinin for sure, your website convinced me. I was wondering if you heard of Protocel. I did not read about it on your website but I have a book called Outsmart Your Cancer and I read about it there. They claim it works magic like the Artemisinin but in different ways. This one changes the charge in the cells (voltage) and thus the anaerobic activities that characterize cancer cells, as opposed the aerobic of normal cells, cannot happen and cancer cells fall apart. I would love to have your opinion/experience with that and also, if you know of any reasons why to avoid taking those two together.


    Hi Dora,

    Fibrosarcoma can be a difficult cancer. The good news is that it is very slow to spread to other parts of the body but is very aggressive local. In Missy’s case, amputation would probably be curative without any follow up medications, supplements or herbals. I have seen older cats do very well with amputation if you end up going that route.

    It’s been awhile since I have treated a cat with fibrosarcoma. The one who comes to mind was a beautiful younger black cat. Because of where her tumor was amputation was not an option. Her people removed the whole tumor and then we did acupuncture for her at least once a month for two years along with artemisinin, mushrooms and Sanshedan Chuanbeiye. She beat the cancer! And it has been about 4 years since I have seen her.

    I would highly recommend considering amputation if it is an option. They really do very, very well. There will be a hard week of recovery but then you don’t have to worry about medications or herbals.

    Protocel I have not heard of, but just did a little research. I would not use this product.

    1. it is too much of a cure all – don’t trust anything online that cures multiple diseases.
    2. they don’t want you to use herbs with it #3 they don’t seem to have any research or results to back up what it does.
    3. It is too expensive (if it was worth it I may think differently) but I use price as a warning sign.
    4. cats are sensitive – this product may actually harm Missy
    5. With cats usually you can only give 2-4 supplements without making them sick – pick something that will help.

    Here is Andrew Weil’s take on it:

    Hope this helps and I hope the consultation with the oncologist goes well. I’m glad you have a good team on board.

    If you want a good holistic vet to work with in your area here are some tips

    best wishes,



    Dear Lena,

    It’s only been about a week since I wrote to you but so much has happened, at least in my head, spinning in circles as to what is best for Missy. To even consider amputating her leg, the regular vet suggested taking a chest xray and tummy ultrasound, that was at the time of my second email to you. The morning after the ultrasound Missy was limping severely. She was almost dragging her hind leg, this time the good one. I called the vet and he thought it was Missy’s authorities acting up. I informed him that I never had a knowledge of authorities in Missy and she never limped before. He thought she might have been hurt a bit on the table when they were holding her down to xray her. They gave her a cold laser treatment asap and sent her home. She is also supposed to take Duralactin, which to be honest I have not been giving her as it is a milk product. I am not sure if it would help her. I have been giving her Arnica instead, 4 little tablets a day. Finally the 29th rolled around, our earliest appointment with the oncologist/acupuncturist. She too thought that amputation was a good choice but she was more concerned about the limping in the other leg. She thought, after xraying the leg, Missy had a partially torn ligament in her knee and needed at least two week’s rest before further evaluation. So we are confining her to the small bathroom, keeping her on Arnica, Arteminisin and Sanshedan Chuanbeyei. She takes those. She refuses to take what the oncologist started her on: an herbal joint support formula and a formula she called Wei Qi booster. We try to do the best for Missy and it is frustrating that we have this other problem to deal with as well that might actually keep us from doing what we can for her cancer. Time is ticking and even though I understand it is a more local cancer, all I can think of is that it is spreading by the minute. My concern at this point is that if we go ahead with surgery, even after waiting for a couple of weeks, the injured knee would be under more stress while she is learning to walk again, the ligament might fully tear and what would we do then?

    Your quick reply to my original letter was the best advice I received so far and any other advice you might have for me I would greatly appreciate. Your voice is sincere and I trust that you recommend what you would do for your own kitty. Thanks for caring.


    Hi Dora,

    That all sounds so stressful. It is true if she has a partial cruciate tear and then you amputate while she is healing that she could fully tear.

    I had a wonderful golden retriever I worked with who had osteosarcoma and he tore an cruciate within a day of surgery for amputation of a front leg (at first we thought it was swelling from an IV). Because he was really walking on two legs after that he ended up tearing his other cruciate about six months later and they ended up having to euthanize him.

    So if you can get the cruciate healed first it may be much better for Missy. Every cancer is different but even with osteo which spreads fast the Sanshedan and Artemisinin seem to be very good at keeping it from spreading.

    Maybe you can do some acupuncture to speed up healing?

    Ruta graveolens 30C homeopathic is a great one for cruciate injuries, you can use it with arnica.

    I would consider waiting on the surgery until she is healed or at least mostly better as she needs that back leg to be strong if she loses the other. Yes there is a risk of the cancer spreading but if you don’t wait there is a risk of her going down all together, if that ligament tears.

    I know it is a hard decision to make.

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