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Hi Dora,

That all sounds so stressful. It is true if she has a partial cruciate tear and then you amputate while she is healing that she could fully tear.

I had a wonderful golden retriever I worked with who had osteosarcoma and he tore an cruciate within a day of surgery for amputation of a front leg (at first we thought it was swelling from an IV). Because he was really walking on two legs after that he ended up tearing his other cruciate about six months later and they ended up having to euthanize him.

So if you can get the cruciate healed first it may be much better for Missy. Every cancer is different but even with osteo which spreads fast the Sanshedan and Artemisinin seem to be very good at keeping it from spreading.

Maybe you can do some acupuncture to speed up healing?

Ruta graveolens 30C homeopathic is a great one for cruciate injuries, you can use it with arnica.

I would consider waiting on the surgery until she is healed or at least mostly better as she needs that back leg to be strong if she loses the other. Yes there is a risk of the cancer spreading but if you don’t wait there is a risk of her going down all together, if that ligament tears.

I know it is a hard decision to make.