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Hi Dora,

Fibrosarcoma can be a difficult cancer. The good news is that it is very slow to spread to other parts of the body but is very aggressive local. In Missy’s case, amputation would probably be curative without any follow up medications, supplements or herbals. I have seen older cats do very well with amputation if you end up going that route.

It’s been awhile since I have treated a cat with fibrosarcoma. The one who comes to mind was a beautiful younger black cat. Because of where her tumor was amputation was not an option. Her people removed the whole tumor and then we did acupuncture for her at least once a month for two years along with artemisinin, mushrooms and Sanshedan Chuanbeiye. She beat the cancer! And it has been about 4 years since I have seen her.

I would highly recommend considering amputation if it is an option. They really do very, very well. There will be a hard week of recovery but then you don’t have to worry about medications or herbals.

Protocel I have not heard of, but just did a little research. I would not use this product.

  1. it is too much of a cure all – don’t trust anything online that cures multiple diseases.
  2. they don’t want you to use herbs with it #3 they don’t seem to have any research or results to back up what it does.
  3. It is too expensive (if it was worth it I may think differently) but I use price as a warning sign.
  4. cats are sensitive – this product may actually harm Missy
  5. With cats usually you can only give 2-4 supplements without making them sick – pick something that will help.

Here is Andrew Weil’s take on it:

Hope this helps and I hope the consultation with the oncologist goes well. I’m glad you have a good team on board.

If you want a good holistic vet to work with in your area here are some tips

best wishes,