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Wei Qi Booster and XFZYT are both not great for damp heat and can make it worse potentially because it is an excess condition and they are both tonics. It sounds like Joxer has moved into blood deficiency which XFZYT can be good for if there is not a strong damp heat component still present. There are also formulas that can treat blood deficiency and damp heat depending on presentation. However the vet you are working with is going to have a much better read of that then I can. Also herbs can take some time to work – often a month or more to see changes start to happen so make sure to stick with something for awhile esp if it seems to be helping.

Many good herb companies will only sell to practitioners. This is because Chinese herbs can be dangerous if used incorrectly and if animals or humans get sick or die from taking the wrong herb or taking too much the FDA may come in and ban the herbs for everyone. Wei Qi Booster was developed as a veterinary formula and so is not traditional. Most of the traditional formulas can be bought by anyone since so many companies make them. I believe Wei Qi is only made by one company.