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    Hello, my dog Levi, a 7 year old Doberman was diagnosed last July with osteosarcoma. Aftermuch devastation and debate we treated the pain for a few months and then decided to amputate in October. He is doing great on 3 legs. We jog together alomost every day still! We were doing carboplatin treatments but on January 4 we dicovered lung mets. There are a lot of them…the vet thought he would make it about 30 days. So we quit doing chemo since it didn’t seem to be working anyway. We switched gears and we put him on Artemisinin, 1/2 Previcox per day and one doxycycline per day. He also gets the k9 critical care packege ( I recently read about xue fu zhu yu wan on my website that I am part of. Which then brought me here…I have purchased the teapills on Amazon and have two questions. 1. Dosage-your site reads 4-5 a day two times a day. So, does that mean 4-5 in the morning and another 4-5 at night? Or does it mean 2 in the morning 3 at night…? 2. I know this is ok to give with artemisinin but what about the previcox and doxycycline?? I’m worried about it mixing with the other meds.

    I have been giving him the teapills for two days. (2 in the am and 3 at night with dinner).

    Maybe I’m imagining things but I swear Levi’s energy level and overall mood has gone through the roof since I started the teapills…he is chasing his tennis ball like a puppy! Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Thanks, Erica and Levi


    I have used artemisinin and Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang with NSAIDs and doxy before without issues in many animals but check with your vet to make sure. If I was using tea pills in a large dog I would dose at 4-5 morning and evening, so 8-10 total a day. Once again check with your vet. XFZYT is a great formula for giving older or sick dogs more energy and stamina! Glad you are seeing results!


    My dog Joxer, who I posted about for the flea allergy, is 13 and has really slowed down over the last year. He doesn’t have stamina, has more muscle weakness, low energy. Lena, you described him as a chronic damp heat dog. My vet put him on Wei Qi Booster, which may be helping. Would XFZYT be more appropriate? Also, I found online that you just can’t buy Wei Qi Booster unless you are a practitioner, whereas many other chinese herbs/preparations can be. Why is that?




    Wei Qi Booster and XFZYT are both not great for damp heat and can make it worse potentially because it is an excess condition and they are both tonics. It sounds like Joxer has moved into blood deficiency which XFZYT can be good for if there is not a strong damp heat component still present. There are also formulas that can treat blood deficiency and damp heat depending on presentation. However the vet you are working with is going to have a much better read of that then I can. Also herbs can take some time to work – often a month or more to see changes start to happen so make sure to stick with something for awhile esp if it seems to be helping.

    Many good herb companies will only sell to practitioners. This is because Chinese herbs can be dangerous if used incorrectly and if animals or humans get sick or die from taking the wrong herb or taking too much the FDA may come in and ban the herbs for everyone. Wei Qi Booster was developed as a veterinary formula and so is not traditional. Most of the traditional formulas can be bought by anyone since so many companies make them. I believe Wei Qi is only made by one company.


    Wow, thanks for the information, Lena! That explains a lot! If I were in your area I’d bring Jox to you! I find myself wondering if my vet is really on his case accurately, but then she is well respected in our area and has actually gone to China to learn…but then I really only see little change in him since I started going there but I have spent many hundreds of dollars! I don’t see that western medicine has much to offer him, though.

    Thanks for your help – happy Easter!



    Sounds like he has a lot of experience and is well respected. Nothing wrong with doing your own research but it may just need that the treatments need more time to work.


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