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Hi Lena,

So, Last week Boo-Boo went in to see a second vet for another opinion. He did another round of x-rays, this time they were done on his chest. They were sent to a radiologist and I should be getting the phone call tomorrow to see what the results are. I decided to bypass the bone biopsy and go this route.

I have a few questions concerning herbs and their dosage. For the SanSheDan ChuanBeiYe, I have been giving Boo-Boo two 10ml. bottles, twice a day. He weighs 118lbs. Is this the correct dosage?

Also I have purchased Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang,but have not started giving it to him. Is this herb safe to give even if he doesnt have lung metastasis? And how does it come into play with the rest of what Im giving him? What would you recommend for his dosage?

Currently he is on:

A cancer diet ( meats, liver, veggies, eggs, nordics oil, etc)




Shiitake Mushrooms

SanScheDean ChuanBeiye

Xiao Chai Hu Tang w/ an additional ginseng extract

I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Thanks.