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Thank you for your sincerity and empathy, Lena. I can feel your

understanding through your story.

I actually called my veterinarian today to schedule a home

Visit for euthanasia, but she is out this week so I spoke with another

doctor who recommended a change in meds. We’re decreasing

theophylline and switching anxiety meds. I also purchased a

thunder shirt. So far he seems to be feeling less anxious this

Evening, we’ll see how he does at bedtime. In the meantime I’m

Certainly taking to heart that sometimes the best thing we can do

Is help them to the next phase of life, trying to wrap my head

Around the fact that I will likely have to make that decision, although

hopefully we can postpone it some. Thank you also for the shamans

Name. I will consider consultation.

Your support is much appreciated, and I hope you’re enjoying

Your holiday season.