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    I’m posting looking for consolation, I suppose, that I’m not being

    selfish if I decide to euthanize my 13 year old Lab, Prizley. I’ve had

    him most of his life, and we have another dog one year younger

    as well as 2 cats.. For over a month now he’s been increasingly

    Anxious at nighttime, moaning, groaning, pacing, and now

    barking. Frequent trips outside and mini meals at night bring

    little relief until he is able to fall asleep, usually somewhere

    between 1- 3 am, but sometimes he keeps going until the sun

    comes up. We tried senilife, but didn’t notice much positive

    results by the end of the first month, so have been trying to

    manage with Benadryl and xanax for about two Weeks, still not

    much improvement. The veterinarian has told me she supports

    My decision when “it’s time”, and seems to be out of ideas of

    other things to try. Prior to the senility/CDS, he’s had a history of

    Arthritis, GI issues, and relatively minor lung problems, so was

    already taking 5 or 6 other meds, which apparently will

    Counteract many anxiety meds. Fortunately his other conditions

    are managed effectively with meds. his appetite has consistently

    Increased within the past year as transitioned from dry food to

    meat and veggies and now canned organic grain free food.

    walks daily with , sometimes only for 5 mins, but then times

    Like tonite will lead the way for 30 minutes. He sleeps

    during the day mostly, so I feel horrible about thinking of

    ending his life primarily because of inconvenience to me

    my sleep schedule? after reading the dementia article earlier

    I put him in a tshirt and gave him some melatonin about an

    hour ago. Sadly he continues to whine and pace, so I feel like

    I need to prepare myself to seriously consider how long we can

    Keep doing this.. Anybody have any ideas or thoughts? thank you..


    I know how hard this decision is. A little over a year ago we had to make it with my little almost 15 year old dog Mel. He had cancer that had returned after two years but his main symptoms was that he was up every half hour all night. My largest issue was he was pretty good during the day however my sanity was going. I was able to help him for awhile with some of the times I recommend but there reached a time when nothing was working anymore and I was going crazy.

    Sometime dementia and anxiety reach a point where nothing works and we know they are only getting worse. I think it is different dog to dog when the right time is. For me working with a shaman Rose DeDan towards the end helped me realize that Mel was clearly ready to go as well. He didn’t want to live he life in the way he was living it and he didn’t feel very good even though he was somewhat ok during the day.

    With both my dogs that I have lost over the last three years dementia was a large part of their decline. I was amazed that within the sadness over their lose there was also a large sense of relief. I realized when they were gone and could remember them in their prime easier how much they were suffering through their dementia and I was glad I was able to let them go before it got worse.

    Sometimes euthanasia, while hard, is one of the greatest gifts we can give our animal companions in the end.


    Thank you for your sincerity and empathy, Lena. I can feel your

    understanding through your story.

    I actually called my veterinarian today to schedule a home

    Visit for euthanasia, but she is out this week so I spoke with another

    doctor who recommended a change in meds. We’re decreasing

    theophylline and switching anxiety meds. I also purchased a

    thunder shirt. So far he seems to be feeling less anxious this

    Evening, we’ll see how he does at bedtime. In the meantime I’m

    Certainly taking to heart that sometimes the best thing we can do

    Is help them to the next phase of life, trying to wrap my head

    Around the fact that I will likely have to make that decision, although

    hopefully we can postpone it some. Thank you also for the shamans

    Name. I will consider consultation.

    Your support is much appreciated, and I hope you’re enjoying

    Your holiday season.


    I really hope you do have a little more time with Prizley with him being more comfortable and you sleeping better. There were a couple people who also added some comments about Prizley on the path with paws facebook page

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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