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That sounds very difficult but please do not blame yourself. I don’t know what her history was before you got her but it sounds like she was maybe separated from her mother and siblings early and never learned proper bite inhibition. Or if she was with them long enough it may have been that genetically something was not quite right. I work with a little dog similar to her, little llasa. He was rescued but he is a big bitter and often it comes out of the blue for no reason. He has lovely people who care for him and do not abuse him. If it happen later in her life it was probably related to dementia issues and she just was not completely there in her head. Most dogs even with spoiling do not bite like what you describe and I have many little dogs I work with who are seriously spoiled and do not bite. There are certain breeds of dogs that have rage issues, i.e. Springer Rage , it may also have been that she had a similar issue. I’m sorry for your lost, it sounds like you loved her and did a lot to make her life with you as good as you could.
best wishes,