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  I am in serious grief right now. i euthanized my 11.yr. old maltese last week.  I;ve never heard of anything like this.  She had a lot of physical illnessess. almost died a few times thanks to medicine allergies.  her biggest problem was skin alergies.  When I finally got them cleared up,  she would bark all night, and i would go out to see,what was there and try to comfort her.  if i stopped her, she would bite me 4or 5 times. by latching onto me.  i would never hit her, so it was hard to get her off.  i am all scarred. Back to the issue, vets keep telling me i spoiled her, and she needed to be alpha,  I loved her more than anything.  i adopted her at 2 months.  i could handle all of it except the biting.  People would look at my legs and say she was going to kill me. She took all her pills, and she was fine on the outside.  it was only in the house and mostly at night that she bit.  she also loved to lay on the patio at night, or so i thought.  The thundershirt worked, and when i took it off after 8 hrs, her skin was all errupted.  i just kept scolding myself, at what kind of moron i was.  i have spent a fortune,  which is all secondary,  I blame myself for everything.   If i tried to groom her she would growl and snap.  I think i caused the whole thing by picking at her too much.  please help me. sincerely Michelle