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Hi Betsy,
There is more info on protein and kidney failure in cats which are more prone to it.
The bottom line is that I believe and have seen that high quality protein doesn’t hurt the kidneys. Early kidney disease should be treated with high protein food IMO.
When I am testing for early kidney disease I look at two main things
-urine specific gravity which they would have tested when doing the urinalysis. If it is above 1.025 it is not kidney disease. If it is below then it may or may not be kidney disease.
-creatinine If this is raised it is either kidney disease or dehyration (If creatinine is raised BUN will be also)
BUN alone to me doesn’t mean a lot, however if creatinine is very high end normal, BUN is high and USG is lower than 1.025 you may be in very early kidney disease. And raw diets can sometimes raise BUN slightly.
Amylase being high usually indicates some pancreatic inflammation but can also be linked to the kidneys.
CK could be from muscle issues related to arthritis and usually being slightly elevated doesn’t concern me too much.
If the leaks no more is helping her with incontinence then I would continue it.
I use the mantis as part of a formula, not alone. I have one main formula I use for young dogs that contains it and one for old dogs. The main formula I use for older dogs is based on a formula called Liu Wei Di huang Wan to which I add mantis and 2-3 other herbs. It also helps support the kidneys into older age and treats early kidney disease so it may be a good formula for her all around if the Leaks No More ever is not enough.
I now have an etsy store where I sell my formulas. I don’t have that one up but if you ever want it just special request “old dog incontinence formula” and I will make it for you.

I had not heard of the LNM before, sounds like it is a good product. Thanks for mentioning it.

best wishes,