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    Pauline Herr

    Has anyone dealt with cushings disease?
    I have a lot of questions.
    My 7 year old pit male, is a dog I said I have so many testimonies about he helped me get through depression same to me from death from a drug addiction when he came into my life. for the last 4 months has all the signs and symptoms very visibly. I had brought him to the vet on 4 different occasions thinking that he’s had this disease and finally yesterday after the final set of blood work he indeed does have this disease. The vet tells me that there is a treatment, not cheap, that we can give him and I read a lot things that states it can make the dog worse.
    To be honest how much worse can my dog get he’s already losing his hair, lost his luster and energy, he has sores and bruises all over his body, Belly is pot bellied, he drinks way too much water he’s way too hungry he has no life in him, his back legs lose muscle control all the time. He has diarrhea so bad that he keeps having accidents in my house . It’s breaking my heart very badly to see him this way . Will this medication help? Should we try an all-natural treatment on him? I don’t want my poor dog suffering not sure if this treatment will make him better or make it worse because of my eyes right now he looks like he’s suffering. My husband and I are looking for some advice from people who have dealt with cushings disease. I can’t keep the tears from falling from my eyes, please help with some advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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