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    I just found this website and consider it to be quite promising in helping me with a 5 year old neutered male Tuxedo cat that is positive for FIV, is on heart medication (diltiazem, Lasix, enalapril, aspirin) and has what the lab report said was neoplastic epitheal cell malignant carcinoma. I am a cat rescue guy and foster for several cat rescue groups including a group called Lost Our Home Pet Foundation that assists animals that have been found abandoned inside foreclosed homes. Leo was one such case and because he tested FIV positive no volunteers stepped forward to help him. He was to be sent to the County animal control unit where he would have been euthanized and I have this thing about helping animals no one else wants especially those who have been abused in some way.

    A week after I had taken him home to foster a fast growing tumor appeared in his rectal area (to the side). I took him to the Pet foundations vet and they said to euthanize him because the tumor was too large to operate on (and the foundation didn’t want to pay). I said I wanted to take him to my own vet for a second opinion. She operated (last Sept.) The foundation will not pay for any more operations after the first one. He just had his third one yesterday. I have put him on Curcuvet, some Azmira herbal tinctures (both mixed in food which he tolerates ok). I also bought another cancer herbal mix for Pets called Life One. He just will not allow that near his mouth even when hidden in food, clam juice, tuna, etc. So I was looking for a stronger hopefully tastier alternative and I remembered the Hoxey story from a health/psychic fair here in the Phoenix area back in the 80’s so I inputted it in google and found your site.

    In reviewing your site I couldn’t quite find his particular cancer listed on any of the herbal mixes recommended which is why I am writing. Is there one of them that I should be using? Leo is a 14 pound bundle of love but I am getting worried that his time and options are running out. I have 5 leukemia cats, 6 FIV cats and several with the dreaded stomatitis (which I am at my wits end on for something to help with as well).


    That is not a type of cancer I have worked with before. With his complex medical history I would highly recommend finding a holistic vet in your area to consult with. They are going to be able to better help and with cats it is even more important as I find that usually you only get 2-3 supplements before they start rejecting them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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