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    Hi Lena,

    I pm’d you on this but will repost here. My Aussie Badger has been diagnosed with bladder stones by ultrasound, with a urine sample sent out for analysis. Today I got word from my vet that there was no infection and the crystals in the sample were cystine. This is not the best news since if the stones are cystine stones (very rare) then they form in acidic urine, and I feed my dogs a raw diet which creates acidic urine. In researching on the web, I am learning that a low protein/plant-based diet for life seems to be the approach to prevent recurrences, along with a very expensive alkalinizing drug. This horrifies me, that my athletic, nearly 6 year old Aussie who I compete in herding events with would have to be on such a diet. Can you offer any direction on what foods would be alkalinizing without having to go the Prescription Diet route? I went to raw after losing dogs to cancer at a relatively young age, believing that a biologically appropriate diet was the best way to feed, so I am shaken to the core over this! Thank you in advance for any direction you can give me.


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