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    Dear Dr Lena,

    You were recommended by a friend in the US. I am in Australia, but I do hope you can give us some hope.

    Our 11 year old boxer girl Gina has recently been diagnosed with one, maybe 2 brain tumours via CAT Scan.

    Surgery is not an option due to the location and I am not a big fan of radiation/chemo.

    Gina is on Phenobarbitone and Prednisolone at the moment as well as a number of supplement, homeopathics and herbs.

    I was wondering, if you know of any way to shrink the brain tumour without radiation or chemo? I believe Gina lived with the tumour for a long time already as she was suffering from head tremours since we adopted her in 2007 (she is a rescue). It only seems that the tumour has reached a critical size now.

    She had her first seizure in April 2010 as our other boxer girl became very sick (she died eventually). Since then Gina had 5 other seizures, always weeks or months apart. The last two seizures were on the 1st and 2nd of January and about 1 week later she started having facial seizures. She had 6 facial seizures in one day, the last one progressed into a full seizure eventually and we brought her to the Emergency Clinic where she was put on Phenobarbitone and Prednisolone.

    Gina is still adjusting to the Phenobarbitone, also she does not notice when her paws on her left side (it is a right forebrain lesion) are not properly placed on the ground and she often goes in circles.

    I would love to give our beautiful girl life quality, but it would even be better if we could shrink that tumour a bit!



    Hi Dagmar,

    While I have worked with dogs with brain tumors in the past and seen good results I feel like they are a tumor where I don’t have a set protocol and a lot of it is me seeing an animal and getting a feel of what to do. I don’t know where you are in Australia but you have some incredible vets in Australia. See the beginning of this list from the VBMA.

    Barbara is one of my herbal teachers and Elaine is also very active in the holistic community.

    Here is also my article which has some other links to find vets outside the US

    You are going to get so much better results from having someone who can actually see Gina.

    Some formulas I have used in the past are Xiao Chai Hu Tang and Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang. Artmeisinin can also be effective. However there are formulas that can also work with her seizures and a good herbalist can tailor the right one for her.

    best wishes,


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