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    My four-year-old mixed breed dog, Oscar, has been undergoing treatment for mast cell cancer since May 2011 (two surgeries, tumor in May, subsequent lymph node in July). Traditional chemo did not work, and he has been on Kinavet since October. We give him several supplements, including Xue Fu, which is how I found your website months ago. You are one of the few accessible people to support integrated approaches.

    He has been slowly losing weight without the “clinical” signs of protein in his blood or urine associated with Kinavet. Maybe it’s not a protein loss as much as a non-absorption issue. I was wondering if you had any thoughts.

    I generally avoid carbs but give him some quinoa now. He eats boiled ground turkey, boiled green veg, blueberries, cottage cheese, fish oil, canned whole salmon and his supplements (incl probiotics). He gets a small amount of Taste of the Wild fish version dry (I reduced this after his diagnosis but added it back). I could add sweet potatoes but am wary of sugar and starch. I have tried an overall increase in food to no effect, and I have been starting to add smaller snack meals during the day. I have read about L-glutamine, which he gets at least in part through one of his supplements.

    He is a lean guy, so a pound or two makes a difference. I think he has gone from 56 or so to 48 lbs since Oct. It’s not dire, but it’s noticeable.

    Many thanks, Susan and Oscar


    Hi Susan,

    What a great question. I have found the best plan for weight gain in dogs with cancer is -Cod liver oil or fish oil (I prefer Nordic Naturals)I use 2-3 times recommended dose if they can tolerate it

    -sweet potato or pumpkin (I’m fine with those for animals with cancer)

    -1-2 eggs a day for the average sized dog.

    There are also some herbals but they tend to be very individual.

    I have found this really helps. I hope it puts some weight on Oscar:-)

    best wishes,



    Thanks very much! I will try to increase the fish oil during his mid-day snack. He tolerates it fine. I’ll add the sweet potato and use eggs more regularly (I have used recently but more as a special snack than a regular thing). Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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