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    My Aussie Josie recently turned 14 and is still very into life despite her arthritic hips. She has had a heart murmur for several years and recently I was told it was a 4. Not long after that, she developed a dry cough and x-rays showed she had a little fluid around her lungs, and her heart looked pretty good, just slightly enlarged. The vet prescribed hydracodone for cough suppression, and theophylline. After the intitial course of treatment her cough was gone, and I reduced the theophylline to see if she could maintain on less than the 1.5 100 mg pills once a day. Then I ran out. She was fine for a couple of weeks but now the cough is back, not as frequent as before. Theophylline prices have gone through the rough since my initial prescription, so are there any herbs/remedies that could help her?

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