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    Our 12 year old maltese has congestive heart failure. We are also seeing signs of some dementia (staring, panting, waking up very early). He is on several medications for the CHF. They have caused him to need to go out more often. In addition, his stools have become very loose – not sure why, but that’s another story for another time. We had noticed that he has urinated a couple of times in the house when we are gone so decided to start putting him in the bathroom when we leave. Much to our surprise, he started pooping in there so we bought a small wire cage, thinking there was no way he would to that in there – wrong. He has gone in there both times we’ve left. Because of the diarrea (sp) it is an absolute mess. He can’t sit or lay down after he does it so the poor guy has to stand there for a couple/few hours until we get home. We can’t give him the bigger space of the bathroom because it gets in the grout, etc.

    We walk him right before we leave. I would assume this is being caused by anxiety of us being gone.

    We had him in a kennel in February. Got him a private room so it would be quiet, etc., however, he continually had diarrea there as well. They do not want him kenneled there again. Life altering – can’t travel to see grandkids, etc. We can’t be home 100% of the time. I don’t have anyone I can call to stay with him while we are gone.

    He does have a crate he’s had since he was a puppy that he sleeps in a night in our bedroom. We also use it in the car. We’ve thought of putting him in that, however, we’re concerned he will learn to hate it and would have problems going to bed at night.

    So – I guess my question is if anyone has suggestions of what we can do to help him, us. Thank you in advance.


    Hi Jake,

    Sounds like step one would be clearing up the diarrhea. Has your vet found a reason for it or been able to suggest medications? It is probably that he has to go badly enough that he just can’t hold it for the time you are gone. Here are some natural suggestions.

    However with more chronic diarrhea sometimes you need something stronger – there are several antibiotics vets will use including metronitazole and tylosan. You might want to talk to them about prescribing something for him to help if the natural methods don’t work.

    It is a hard issue. I hope you can find something to help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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