Treating weight loss in dogs and cats with cancer

It is very common for cats and dogs who have cancer to loss weight even when they are eating well. This is because the cancer is stealing their nutrients and not allowing the body to have what it needs. Weight loss in the face of a healthy appetite and proper nutrition is called cachexia.

There is a simple protocol I use to address this issue if it isn’t just an issue of appetite.

  1. Add in Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil at 2-3X recommended dosage. I prefer the Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil. Cancer can not use fat and Omega 3 oils help to reverse cachexia.
  2. Feed 1-2 tablespoons of canned sweet potato or pumpkin at every meal for the average sized dog. Use a teaspoon for cats. This helps with digestion and helps them use the nutrients in their food better.
  3. Add in 1-2 eggs a day for the average sized dog or part of an egg for cats. Eggs are a very good source of 100% digestible protein. They can grow a baby chicken from two cells to a whole animal – pretty amazing when you think about it. Cooked or raw is fine. You can hard boil a dozen at a time and keep them in the refrigerator to make it easier.
  4. Consider feeding multiple meals a day or increase the amount of food. Feed grain free food if possible. This can help and probably seems obvious but doesn’t normally work on its own without using the above additions.
  5. There are some other herbal formulas that can help but they differ from animal to animal, so consider seeing a veterinary herbalist if the above doesn’t work.

If appetite is an issue then I recommend working with a holistic vet with acupuncture and herbs or consulting with your animal’s regular veterinarian about appetite stimulants and anti-nausea medications.

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2 Responses to “Treating weight loss in dogs and cats with cancer”

  1. Chaplin's Mommy Says:

    Thank you so much for your website. It proves that one person can make a difference and you are doing that. Our beautiful 14-year-old kitty Chaplin has been just diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and we’ve found a holistic vet to treat him. He’s a very special cat because when his Daddy (loving owner) became sick with cancer two years ago, he stood right beside him through all the treatment and recovery. Thank goodness his Dad is all cancer free now and is a survivor. We hope provide a good quality of life for our wonderful and loving cat. He’s lost a great deal of weight recently and I’ve ordered Pet Cod Liver Oil today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Lena Says:

    I’m so glad it has been helpful. I hope that Chaplin does well with his treatments, he sounds like a very special kitty!