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    Hi again.

    I had to return because my story may make a difference with someones dog dementia diagnosis. As I said Dusky was diagnosed with dementia and I posted here about my relief when medication gave us both some rest. However, something didn’t settle with me because Dusky seemed perfectly normal mentally so I went back to the vet for a second opinion. It turned out that Duskys heart was bothering him and he didn’t have dementia. He was given two meds. Fortekor 20mg and Frusedale 40mg. One for the heart and one for water retention.Half a tablet each, once a day. Today he was running around the park with his toy and as bright as a button. He is fast asleep and the panting and restlessness has ceased. I am a bit angry because the last thing he needed was diazepam when he has a heart problem. Best wishes to everyone. Ann


    Hi Ettaariane – that is great news indeed for Dusky, unfortunately you can get a misdiagnosis with vets sometimes…Maggie definitely has dementia but she had an episode of heavy panting & lethargy and our normal vet thought it was pneumonia even after xrays and a dose of antibiotics – they then suggested we go and see a specialist as they thought her heart was also a little enlarged too (she has had heart problems in the past).

    We rushed her to the specialist vet and they wanted to do more xrays as the other ones weren’t very clear….. lungs all good (?) Heart all good (?) but they had concerns about her lower spine and sciatica. She was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease and is now on anti – inflammatory tablet once a day.

    It sounds you might have gotten out of this cheaply….we ended up with a $1600 vet bill (lucky for pet insurance)

    Good Luck


    Hi Marisa.

    I wish our little friends could live longer. That is the worst thing about having a pet. However, I have to temper that with the fact they give us so much happiness. My other little dog, Buster, died last year at age 21. He def had dementia and I still wonder if I should have had him put to sleep earlier. I have lived alone since I bought Dusky and can’t imagine life without him. I wish you many more happy times with Maggie. Best wishes for the future. Ann

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)
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