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    I have a lot going on with multiple animals in my household:

    1) Time for the kittens to get FVCRP and get neutered

    2) 13 year old dog due for rabies and licensing, but he has chronic allergies/hot spots…

    3) 4 year old dog due for his rabies and licensing

    The kittens are now 3 mo old. I am going to vaccinate them a couple of weeks before their neuters. At this point, can I give just one nasal and then boost at a year (if at all)?

    Vaccine detoxification: Do you recommend Lyssin 30C for the 4 year old with the rabies vaccine? I’m going to declare the 13 year old deceased on the renewal and not vaccinate him. What about detoxification? Is there anything I can give him to help clear his body since he is still so allergic? I’ve read about zeolite but am skeptical, but also want to believe something can help! And for the kittens, is it worth giving them thuja in conjunction with their shots?



    When I did shelter work I found the nasal vaccines did not always protect again panleuk as well as the injectible so I do recommend either a nasal and a titer after to confirm protection or just to use the injectible which we know works well. I use homeopathic Thuja after rabies vaccine as do most holistic vets. Allergies are going to get worse after vaccination so you may want to work with a holistic vet to do some acupuncture afterwards or use a clearing herbal formulas. Animal Apawthecary has a detox formula that is a mild western detox with burdock and other cooling, clearing herbs. There are stronger Chinese formulas but I recommend working with a holistic vet if you use them.


    Hi, I just found this wonderful website and was looking for information regarding alternative treatments for my dog (cancer)… but after seeing this post, was wondering if there is any benefits to detoxifying my dog before, after, or during any cancer treatments? ¬†Or will this hurt his chance of recovery?

    Thank you!


    Hi Grace,
    You have probably have already seen the cancer book on PWP but if you have n’t here it is . It really depends what you are doing as far as treatment and also what type of detox you are doing. I would avoid very strong detox treatments during cancer unless you are working with a holistic vet as you don’t want to do a full detox if they are very deficient. Acupuncture can be a very safe way to detox the body during cancer treatments. I also sell a cancer detox support formula through my etsy store although I would not use this in a dog who runs very cold without direction of a holistic vet. If at all possible I would find a holistic vet to help you along your path.
    best wishes,

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